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Marianne Houtkamp

Sculptures in Bronze

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About Me

Marianne Houtkamp
Sculptor of people in bronze

By creating a perfect, respectful portrait, Marianne’s sculptures turn any person from all over the world into an individual star.
In her work Marianne mirrors the human heart. By a particular facial expression or posture she captures the positive in a person’s character. And she is fascinated by everyday life in foreign cultures.
Marianne is always capable of depicting the essence of a sculpture in its inimitable, moving and poignant way. The result of her great expressiveness is clear and unique. Yet each sculpture leaves room for the viewer’s own interpretation. This particular combination makes her "bronze" very popular.


Marianne, together with her husband Hans, founded the Stichting Watoto Samburu in 2000, aiming for better education and health in the Samburu region in Kenya. The foundation established many things.
For more info, see
Watoto Samburu Foundation


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